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“Do what you love and love what you do!” ~ John Demartini


Healing Touch Chiropractic of Boulder is dedicated to "optimizing life expression one spine at a time." I choose to see each person capable of experiencing true wellness despite past or current health challenges.

My approach is a strong structural assessment of "what's not in balance?" I also consider nutrition, emotions, toxins, allergens, and electromagnetic sensitivities that can overwhelm the structure of the body. You won't "hold" an adjustment if you aren't eating well, are stressed in life, have toxicities (people, places, things), have allergies and/or sit in front of computers or use smart phones for hours. At Healing Touch Chiropractic of Boulder I utilize specific protocols to determine what factors prevent you from experiencing wellness.

I welcome the opportunity to meet you and determine how I may be of service. For patients of Healing Touch Chiropractic of Boulder, I tailor a wellness program specifically targeted to your health goals. All information remains confidential, protected and never shared with other entities.

So... meet the Doc and and learn what's keeping you from being well and staying well!

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” ~ Zig Ziggler


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Dr. Joanie DeBever
Healing Touch Chiropractic of Boulder, PLLC

6654 Gunpark Drive, Suite 100
Boulder, Colorado 80301-3382


Certification in Low Impact Spinal Trauma (C.C.S.T.)


M.S. in Exercise Physiology/Sports Medicine

Hello, I'm "Dr. J", a chiropractor with a background in exercise physiology. Born first of seven children taught me that each person is unique in their experience of life. There are infinite ways to approach and facilitate the inborn healing process present in each of us. Chiropractic is unique in its art, science and philosophy of healing that has helped many people rediscover their true health and wellness.

My athletic experiences and injuries led me to chiropractic during my college years. I was a competitive distance runner for 15 years. Chiropractic kept me "running" (literally) by providing quicker recovery, efficiency in gait, accelerated healing and decreased spinal stress. Chiropractic smoothed my transition into competitive women's bicycle racing. In 1988, I competed at the Olympic Cycling Trials in Spokane, Washington. My cycling career would have continued had I not experienced another trauma.

Two months after the Olympic Trials I had a serious rock climbing accident. Yet again, chiropractic helped me recover and I knew my life's calling. I enrolled at Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon. By 1992, I returned to Colorado and opened Healing Touch Chiropractic of Boulder.

My approach uses sound principles of exercise physiology and chiropractic science, to provide a variety of services matching patient needs. I look forward to sharing how I may be of service to you!

Dr. J

“Diseases that have been called incurable will be found to be curable from within.”


We take great care in providing chiropractic services based on experience and results.

Instrumentation adjusting (percussor, adjustor, activator )
Extremity adjusting
S.O.T. (Sacral Occipital Technique)
Thompson Technique
Low-Level Laser (3LT™) Therapy

Image of adjustment/manipulation in the office Image of adjustment/manipulation in the office

FDA approved Low-Level Laser (3LT™) Therapy: This state-of-the-art therapy utilizes the Erchonia PL5 cold light laser shown to be successful in the treatment of inflammation, and repetitive use syndromes. It has been shown to improve joint range of motion, enhance tissue healing and normalize the nervous system at the cellular level. For more information, studies, and application, visit: www.erchonia.com

Review of any previous blood/salivary/nutritional tests: This helps us to assess overall health of an individual and offers guidance on custom lifestyle, dietary, supplement and treatment recommendations.

Chiropractic Care: We provide spinal correction to work with the biomechanics and soft tissues of the body. These techniques allow more comfortable and tailored treatment that have proven results.

Corrective Exercises: We provide exercises to correct, strengthen and/or stretch areas of injury while complimenting the adjustment.

Lifestyle Advice: We educate patients on developing lifelong healthy habits.

Nutritional Counseling: We provide specific recommendations on nutritional supplements and healthy food choices for optimal health. Often, supplements are for short periods of time until the problem is corrected.

Spinal and Postural Evaluations: Posture and spinal evaluations can reveal important health information and unlock the door to improved health and well-being. We perform posture and spinal evaluations on your first visit, as well as throughout your care.

Neuromuscular therapy: Soft tissue therapies enhance the chiropractic adjustment. Many patients find soft tissue therapies combined with chiropractic treatment often reduces the number of visits needed AND the benefits last longer than either therapy alone!

Most patients work with massage and neuromuscular therapist. We often work with your therapist as a team approach to restoring health and wellness. If you don’t have a massage therapist, we have a referral base of therapists we can provide you based on your preference for the types of soft tissue therapies.