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Optimizing life expression one spine at a time


For over 25 years, Healing Touch Chiropractic of Boulder has been dedicated to “optimizing life expression one spine at a time”. Dr. Joanie DeBever offers an integrated and honest assessment of your condition. She educates you as an active participant to meet your health and wellness goals.

“I combine chiropractic care with state-of-the-art, FDA approved low-level laser therapy (3LT™), review of laboratory blood/salivary testing, personalized assessment of nutraceutical and dietary status to maximize your health goals. I utilize an extended network of out-of-office health care professionals to consult with regarding your case if needed. Experience optimal wellness and live the life you envision.”

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If you don't take care of YOU today, someone may have to take care of you TOMORROW!


Hearing the stories of how people have benefited from our care is one of the most rewarding aspects of my work. The following are some testimonials that we replicated from letters and cards we have received over the years. If you have a story you would like to share we would love to hear from you!

“As an active 64 yr. old man I'm not sure what I'd be doing without Joanie's fantastic "healing touch". Like a kid that never grew up, I in-line skate, mtn bike, snowboard and lift weights. Always popping a rib or wrenching something. Joanie has me back having fun the next day. I'm so convinced of the power of her work I get 'tune-up's' on a frequent basis so I'm at my best. It's nice to work with Joanie when it's not always an 'emergency' ;-)
Seriously, what I really respect about Joanie is her capacity as 'educator'. Helping me understand movement dynamics. Not just to avoid injury. But to be my best - at whatever I'm doing. (Like sitting in front of my laptop or lugging suitcases thru airports.)
To me Joanie's work isn't just about getting rid of Pain. It's about the Joy of Living. Thanks, Joanie!!!”

Pat M.

“I have received care from Dr. DeBever off and on for nearly ten years, for conditions ranging from chronic headaches to acute back strain to whiplash. Dr. DeBever's approach is caring, rational, and practical. She has had a huge impact on my ability to engage in my daily activities without pain. She uses a variety techniques depending on the problem at hand. Dr. DeBever has always worked to help me return to my normal activities as quickly as possible, and to function optimally at the activities that are important to me. She encourages me to trust my body about when to return for treatment and when treatment is complete for the time being. She takes the time to explain the anatomy and physiology behind the problem, and her treatments. Dr. DeBever is always professional, respectful, and thorough. As a health care provider, I have referred many patients as well as friends to Dr. DeBever. I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

Myra Y.

“Joanie has helped me get back into balance so many times I cannot even count. She has hands I trust - no reservations! And I admire her continuing ability to keep learning, expand and be deeply and sincerely caring about each of her clients."Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity.”

Nisargo T. (Cranio-sacral-therapist, Hakomi Therapy Training)

“Joanie is an EXCELLENT chiropractor, and I should know, I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Rolfer. I've had many different chiropractors over the years, and Joanie has been the best at addressing the acute symptoms, while simultaneously addressing and helping to eliminate the root causes. She brings expertise and experience that's unique for any doctor, and listens carefully to each patient's needs. I've referred clients to her as well, and everyone was thrilled, every time. If I still lived in Boulder, I'd still be treating with her. I often miss what she could do for my ankles.”

Jenny R. (L.M.T., Rolfer)

“Dear Dr. Joanie: I just wanted to give you some feedback. I was in so much neck pain when I came to see you yesterday and in ONE TREATMENT, you worked your 'magic'. I am so much better today and so grateful for you being there for me. Thank YOU!”

Arlene E.

“Dr. Joanie, I am feeling much better after yesterday - Thanks to your wonderful expertise - Sometimes i don't realize how bad I was until after you have worked on me !!
You have a real gift - your knowledge and skill, to be able to do what you to help those of us who need it so much!!! You help me accomplish things I could never do without your skilled help, given with such care... Thank you!”

Joanne T.

“Dear Dr Joanie,
I am writing to thank you for solving my ITB tendonitis mystery. I can't believe that it took two doctors, several physical therapists, countless ultrasounds, and one to many cortisone shots before coming to you and discovering the root of my problem. It was with some trepidation that I came to you. I did not know what Chiropractic was and I was fairly certain it would not do much good. I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that I could not run anymore. Fortunately my trepidation melted away as you explained exactly what was wrong and what you planned to do about it. Now after a few months of therapy I am back on the trails. I could not be happier. Thank you for discovering what all the others could not.”

Reid K.

“Dear Joanie,
Thanks for taking me on short notice. My back is so much better and and my fear of a ruined trip because of the pain has disappeared. I'll have a great time in Italy! In part, because of you. Mille Grazie!”

Lise R.

“Joanie is probably the best chiropractor I've ever gone to. She is innovative, highly skilled and versatile. She employs a variety of modalities, which makes her work particularly effective. I value her skills, and refer clients to her regularly, with total confidence that they will be helped.”

Judy H. (Aston-Patterning Therapist)

“Take the pebble out of your shoe, rather than learn to limp.” ~ Chinese Proverb


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